You Are What You Are

Miracle, Expect a Mracle 2

Leave In Your Hands My Destiny Oh, Lord

Yes, I'm Waiting for the Lord Make Me a Blessing We are Blessed Today

Yes, a Miracle Will Happen Today

Lift Jesus Higher I Know I_m Saved 2
Would You Like to Live In Heaven_ Let Your Desire Be My Desire I Know God Is Guiding My Steps

Would You Like to Glorfiy the Name...

Jesus ,I love You Have Your Way in My Life, Oh Lord

When is the Time, Lord_

It's Great to be Alive Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

What's Impossible with Man is Possible with God

In Your Presence, Lord Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! 2

We Exalt Thee

I've Given You Songs to Sing Give Me a Song

We are Blessed Today

I'm Proud to Tell That Jesus Loves You Forgive Me,Lord

Walk Along With Jesus

I'm Praising the Lord! 2 Feed Me with Your Word, Lord Father

To Thee O Lord, I Give the Glory

I'm Expecting a Miracle From God Each Day is a New Day with Christ

The Lord Hears

I Will Sing to the Lord 2 Blessed Be Your Holy Name (1980)

Precious Jesus

I Want to Live in Heaven with Jesus Beautful are the Creations of God

Praise You, Father

I Should Never Never Worry At All 2 This is the Year of Jubilee

Our God Is Great

I See Jesus And I Love Him

O, Lord, I Love You 1

I Praise the Name of God 2 Praise the Name of God

O, Glory, Glory, Glory

I Leave In Your Hands My Destiny Oh, Lord All Glory to the Father