When You Meet Jesus in the Air

Lord, I Give You My Spirit.My Soul and My Body

He Is Risen

We'll Walk With You, Dear Lord

Lord Jesus Christ, To You I Lift Up My Soul Having Faith in God

We are God's Creation

Listen to the Voice of the Lord Glory to the Father
Trust In Him Let's Lift Our Hearts to God Give Us Joy, Joy,Joy, Lord Father

There's Always Tomorrow

Jesus Is Alive Fill Me With Your Joy

The Promises of God

Jesus Christ is the King Don't Be Impatient

Smile At The Future

In The Twinkling Of An Eye Come and Share

Prepare Ye the Way

I've Got The New Wine Center Your Life On Jesus

Praise the Lord

I Want to See You Bring Joy into My Heart, oh, Lord!

Oh, Praise the Name of Jesus

I Want to be in the Promised Land Blessed Be Your Holy Name Lord Jesus Christ (1980)


I Love You, Jesus Blessed Be Your Holy Name (1981)

Mold My Life, Lord Jesus Christ

I Love You Father Bless Your People 1

Miracles, Miracles, I Believe in Miracles

I Feel Good Be Still & See the Salvation of God

Man of Galilee

Holy is the Lamb 1 This is the Year of Jubilee