I Know God Is Guiding My Steps

I Know I_m Saved

Leave In Your Hands My Destiny Oh, Lord

All Glory to the Father

To Thee O Lord, I Give the Glory We are Blessed Today

And I Love Him

I Will Sing to the Lord We Exalt Thee
Beautful are the Creations of God I'm Expecting a Miracle From God What's Impossible with Man is Possible with God

Blessed Be Your Holy Name (1980)

I'm Praising the Lord! When is the Time, Lord

Each Day is a New Day with Christ

I'm Proud to Tell That Jesus Loves You Would You Like to Glorfiy the Name...

Feed Me with Your Word, Lord Father

In Your Presence, Lord Would You Like to Live In Heaven_

Forgive Me,Lord

It's Great to be Alive Yes, a Miracle Will Happen Today

Give Me a Song

I've Given You Songs to Sing Yes, I'm Waiting for the Lord

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Jesus ,I love You I See JesusI


Let Your Desire Be My Desire Praise You, Father

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

Lift Jesus Higher Walk Along With Jesus

You Are What You Are

Make Me a Blessing Miracle, Expect a Mracle 2 I Want to Live in Heaven with Jesus

Have Your Way in My Life, Oh LordI

O, Glory, Glory, Glory This is the Year of Jubilee

Know God Is Guiding My StepsI

O, Lord, I Love You 1 Should Never Never Worry At All

Know I_m Saved

Our God Is Great Praise the Name of God

I Leave In Your Hands My Destiny Oh, LordI

Precious Jesus The Lord Hears