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Holy Nutrition

Holy Nutrition

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The title of this book was given to me first in a dream in which the Lord told me to call what I was teaching “Holy Nutrition.” This means that our diets must be based upon teaching from the scriptures of old and the Holy Spirit as He leads us and speaks to us today. After many people through the years suggested that I write a book on health, the Lord gave me a word to write and confirmed it through His prophets a number of times, so I began to write in 2004 on this very important and needed subject.

The book has now been written and is available in both printed soft cover and eBook, 310 pages of very helpful information that includes scriptural teaching, scientific verification of scriptural truths, nutritional information and revelations, and many teaching testimonies confirming God’s ways and means, including His holy foods, herbs and spices, of bringing health and healing.

The need is great, and I believe you can benefit greatly as I have from the wisdom that the Lord has given me through enlightening His Word, directly by His Spirit, and through others who have learned of His ways.

Sickness is becoming more rampant, diseases more serious, infections more deadly, and yet the answers more clear than ever before. Not only the world health and medical systems, but the church is bound by ignorance, false teaching, pride, rebellion, and greed, so that it is imperative that we look to the Great Physician ourselves individually, and to those that have gained portions of His wisdom, if we are to be healthy. There are so many faithful men and women, professional and non-professional, who have sacrificed time, finances, position, and prestige to gain the wisdom that only comes from God, and many have been persecuted and prosecuted, and tormented. And I want to thank all of those many who have helped me understand God’s word, ways, and wisdom so that not only I but others can be what He wants all of us to be: “Holiness unto the Lord!” Holy, Happy, and Healthy.