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In 1964, John Philip Rothacker was dramatically and radically converted to the Lord Jesus Christ. Born in Fremont, Ohio, in 1935, he graduated from the College of Dentistry at Ohio State University in 1963, and completed an internship in pedodontics at Children's Hospital a year later, following which he met the Lord.

He then practiced dentistry for two years, dividing his time between private practice and working with children at the Columbus State School for the mentally retarded. Following a desire to serve the Lord full time, and stimulated to fasting and more prayer, John left to do missionary dentistry for three months in the summer program of Project Compassion in the West Indies in 1966. After this ministry, while traveling and working with other missionaries, God led John into the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and he experienced the power of God in many exciting, miraculous, and life changing ways.

After returning home, he was ordained in 1967 by the Lord Jesus “through prophetic utterance with the laying on of hands by the presbytery” (I Tim. 4:14). John was set apart as an apostle, “to plant the church,” which is what the book on The church, and his whole life and ministry, are all about. His first major publication, The Public Ministry of Women, teaches about the biblical role that women are to have in the body of Christ, specifically in the assembly, along with many other foundational truths. The second, A Woman's Headcovering, is a booklet expounding “a biblical custom practiced faithfully by all godly women from the beginnings of recorded history until our present generations.” The third, A Woman's Dress, is another booklet, teaching what God has to say from the creation of man in “Genesis” to “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” about modesty and dress for both men and women, but primarily the biblical and secular emphasis that is upon women. The next is a brief but very informative and enlightening history, A Man’s Headcovering, A Supplement to A Woman’s Headcovering which covers the subject concerning men and women, their use as found both in scripture and in Jewish and Christian history, and the Babylonian origins of the practices since the bible was written until now. Holy Nutrition is the latest book, and because of the great need and importance of the truths therein, it is also available in print and many electronic editions.

In 1976, the Lord Jesus led John out of nine years of part-time dental practice (for Paul, it was making tents, Acts 18:3) and into a radio ministry where he was “on call” teaching and discussing the scriptures and health related subjects over the air live, for twenty years. An original “talk radio” format according to Acts 19:9, the “Truth for Today” program, and now other radio programs, are an outreach through the media of radio, tapes, CDs, literature, and now internet, to “plant the church” in Christ, in His love, faith, holiness, righteousness, health, and healing, always endeavoring to speak the truth in love.

After having been called to be celibate for many years, the Lord gave him a helpmate to minister with him. God is healing both naturally and supernaturally as John teaches; and his wife, Dulce, is given manifestations of the Holy Spirit such as “a word of knowledge,” “gifts of healings,” and “spiritual songs” (Ex. 15:26; I Cor. 12:7-11; Eph. 5:19). As they minister together, the operation of “faith” and “the working of miracles” bring wonderful surprises.

Among various ministries available is a Basic Disciples Course on audio cassettes or CDs, or this web site, together with his books called “Apostolic Foundation Series.” This series of teachings from the Lord's direction is very helpful for anyone who desires to build his life and God's church in love and scriptural truth. These and other programs from Truth For Today are available here or upon request.

Besides the teaching of “Holy Nutrition,” through the “Health for Today” program, literature, instructions, and products about health and healing are obtainable. “Manna From Heaven” is the name that the Lord gave them for their own label of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate, and He has directed them to provide it and other specific products for the “health and healing” of His people.

John is also active in various ministries working to preserve our American Christian heritage and regain religious freedom at home, and promoting unity, revival, and restoration in the body of Christ worldwide.