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Ideal Christian Women’s Fellowship

The Ideal Christian Women’s Fellowship was birthed by the Holy Spirit to bring forth His fruit such as: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control.

It is founded on God's principles of being holy as He is holy; of being righteous as He is righteous; of being full of faith as He is the source of faith. With such virtues, women who are called can move mountains by His mighty hands.

We publish a monthly newsletter, and hold meetings, as the Lord leads. It consists of inspiring thoughts and songs as anointed by God, or from research, or other sources. Recipes, tips on health & food, are also added features. It is available free upon request.


They are copyrighted, but feel free to share them by email or print as long as they are unedited. God bless you!

Archived Newsletters - 2004

January - Side One (pdf)

January - Side Two (pdf)

February - Side One (pdf)

February - Side Two (pdf)

March - Side One (pdf)

March - Side Two (pdf)

April - Side One (pdf)

April - Side Two (pdf)

May - Side One (pdf)

May - Side Two (pdf)

June - Side One (pdf)

June - Side Two (pdf)

July - Side One (pdf)

July - Side Two (pdf)

August - Side One (pdf)

August - Side Two (pdf)

September - Side One (pdf)

September - Side Two (pdf)

October - Side One (pdf)

October - Side Two (pdf)

November - Side One (pdf)

November - Side Two (pdf)