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End-Time Visions of America and the World for NOW!

The information that I am about to give you is of the most important revelations, dreams, and prophecies that I have knowledge of over the past 45 years concerning America and the World of what lies ahead.

End-Time Visions of America:

George Washington's Prophecy (pdf)
The vision of A. A. Allen (pdf)
The Vision of A.C.Valdez (pdf)
Dimitru Duduman's Visions (pdf)
Henry Gruver's Visions (pdf)

End-Time Visions of the World

Tommy Hicks' Vision (pdf)
William Branham's Visions (pdf)

Four Horsemen of Revelations 6:1-8 & Zechariah 6:1-8 (read below)

The Blood Moons of Joel 2:31 (read below)

The first was the prophecy the Lord gave our first President, George Washington, while at Valley Forge.  He saw three great wars. First, the Revolutionary War then taking place. Second, the Civil War, and thirdly, the last one that will be taking place before long which is the worst of all.  It results in cities burning from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but praise God the Union stands by supernatural help, although destruction throughout the land will result in millions losing everything they possess and millions of others their very lives as well by civil war, invasion, and mass atomic destruction.

Although I received a tract of the “Vision” in the 1960s, not long ago I prayed for confirmation and received it from a book by Bobby Conner, a respected well known prophet who writes how God spoke to him, “George Washington’s Prophecy is from Me” and told him “I want you to tell the Church in America.”  You can read this in his book, The Shepherd’s Rod volume xvii for 2012, available at

The next is "The Vision of A. A. Allen" given on July 4th, 1954.  I was in Bro. Allen's meetings and knew the man who was his prophet and traveled with him for many years.  He was a notable and fearless preacher with signs following.

The next is The Vision of A. C. Valdez given in 1929.  He was a powerful preacher with signs following, having attended the Azusa Street Revival as a young boy.

The next is an angelic revelation given to Dimitru Duduman available best by reading his book, Through the Fire Without Burning.I had just finished reading the book one morning, and then began asking the Lord when the judgments upon America that Dimitru had revealed to him were going to start, when within a few minutes another prophet called me and suggested I turn on the TV as the first plane had just hit the Twin Towers.  That day was Sept. 11, 2001.  The book is available from, as well as the excerpt from the book entitled “The Message for America” available here.  I’ve also added an appropriate dream entitled “The Black Army” that’s among many more revelations taken from a list of “Dreams and Visions” available at their web site.  Dimitru was a prophet and bible smuggler with angelic visitations sent to us by the Lord from Romania where he had worked with Brother Andrew, “God’s Bible Smuggler.”

The next vision would be that of Henry Gruver, the "Prayer Walker" and prophet whose visions concerning the invasion of America and its destruction can be found by googling them up or going to his web site:  I know Henry and he is a great brother with a walk of faith and revelation that is amazing.  He saw entire cities disappear, as did Dimitru in "America will Burn". Now Henry has a personal web site at, and for a word of encouragement in the midst of this carnage, read chapter 16 “Watch what I shall do!” of “Visions of a Prayer


End-Time Visions of the World:

The next is Tommy Hicks' Vision of the End-Times given in 1961 from a dream he had three times.  Tommy was an outstanding prophet, and this dream is wonderful in scope and encouragement for end-time ministry.

The next is the series of seven visions given to Wm Branham, a remarkable prophet, on a Sunday morning in 1933.  Some have come to pass, others are being fulfilled, and then the end! is very relevant.

Next is the prophetic revelation of the seven seals given to us in the scriptures.  I’ll call it: “The four horsemen of Revelations 6:1-8 and Zechariah 6:1-8.”  The most accurate interpretation of these horsemen is that they are spirits and represent the four belief systems in the world that are ruling and competing for power in this end time. 

The first seal brings us the white horse, the official color representing Roman Catholicism, the second seal the red horse which is the official color of Communism, the third seal opens to us the official color of Capitalism, black, and the horse of the fourth seal must be understood from the Greek word used, chloros, which means green, and is the official color of Islam.  A convincing story of how the understanding of these four horsemen came is from an excellent End-time teacher, Irvin Baxter, who reveals this in DVD #3, “Islam discovered in the bible,” part of an excellent 14 DVD series available at his web site:

The last is information describing the fulfillment of Joel’s EndTime prophecy as it relates particularly to the most amazing sign in the heavens concerning the EndTime of this Age!  Joel 2:31 “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”  There came a tetrad of Four Blood Moons (lunar eclipses) on the Jewish holidays of Passover and The Feast of Tabernacles in 2014 & 2015, in association with Eclipses of the Sun (solar eclipses) as well.  The last three times a tetrad on Jewish Feast Days occurred was concerning the Jews being cast out of Spain in 1492, and then Israel becoming a Nation again in 1948, and third, Israel taking possession of Jerusalem in 1967.  This is most significant!  Brother Mark Biltz of was given the revelation of this and a book, DVD documentary, and Calendar have been produced with him by that are very informative.  I believe America and the World will be shaken as never before as the last years of the EndTime occur.


Now, for updates and to bring all of this to our present time.

John McTernan wrote God's Final Warning to America in 1996 about how God judges America for three major sins: “abortion, homosexuality, and the division of Israel,” when committed officially by judging within 24-48 hours with natural disasters or economic loss.  The evidence is amazing and I have been tracking it for many years.  Very accurate! You can download this book free in PDF format here, or in other forms from his website. In 2006 he wrote As America Has Done To Israel revealing how God has blessed America as we have supported the Jews from our beginnings and has judged us and is now severely judging us as we seek to not only divide Israel but even Jerusalem, against the second of God's three eternal covenants, the blood covenant with Abraham and the Jews and the land He has given them.  I suggest you read his books and keep current with these events by checking out his web site at:  Defend and Proclaim the and his blog spot regularly at: You'll understand why what is happening to our beloved country is happening exactly as it is!

Another source of information on the EndTime is from . The Prophecy Club sponsors many meetings all over the USA. A whole catalog of DVDs, and Radio/TV programing is available online of various apostles and prophets.

Last I want to encourage you to both read and view what has become one of the most significant and confirmed prophetic revelations ever given to America.  The book, New York Times bestseller: The Harbinger  The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future by Jonathan Cahn is a must read if you want proof of what has happened and what will happen to America, and why God has judged us and will continue to do so.  The revelation is also given in The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment , The “Shocking 2-hour Documentary” which was for weeks “the No. 1 Faith Film in America.”  The book is available many places online and the DVD video by an excellent Christian News source which produced it:

I first learned of this most important revelation by viewing interviews of Jonathan Cahn many times on leading Christian television programs.     The many astounding and exact matching experiences of ancient Israel and modern America confirm the unique, sovereign, prophetic, and godly creation of both countries, Israel under the Old Covenant and America under the New.  Their rise as the most powerful, prosperous, and godly nation of the world of the time, followed by apostasy and judgment is the same, but, Praise be to God, although suffering severe chastening and destruction a remnant is brought through supernaturally for both individual and national salvation.

After The Harbinger Jonathan wrote The Mystery of the Shemitah which reveals a 3000 year old mystery of timing that shows God’s dealing with America. Next is Jonathan’s revelation of how God has dealt with America’s last four Presidents exactly like He dealt with the leaders in and against ancient Israel. The ancient characters of Ahab, Jezebel, Joram, Jehu, and Ben-Hadad, and their lives are revealed as a master blueprint for what has transpired in the lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Donald Trump, and Bin-Laden. The book, The Paradigm is available online, or you can download it here, will help give you more understanding of what the scriptures reveal about what it was like in ancient Israel, with its worship of Baal and its child sacrifice, and God’s answer for today. You will see more clearly God’s amazing sovereignty and special providence in this world, how God raised up the nation of Israel as very unique with very spiritual purposes under the Old Testament, and The United States of America under the New Testament, and how God has dealt with us both and will continue to deal with us until His glorious appearing.

Remember, God has called each of us to a life of holiness in every respect saying “Be ye holy as I am holy” (1 Peter 1:14-17; Romans 12:1-2), and calling us to the "obedience of faith." (Romans 1:5; 16:26)!

Brethren, I believe all of the prophecies referred to above are true, and will help any Christian to understand where we are in God's Time Table, and what to expect and how to prepare in many respects.  It also reveals the difference of how various Christians will respond and are now responding to the end-time revival and anointing of the Holy Spirit concerning the anointing that God has for each one of His obedient children.  Some will receive and some will reject, and it is even now being poured out in some places through some ministries. (See: Tommy Hicks' End-time Vision)

May The Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you, and may you buy of Him the anointing in order to "anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see" (Rev. 3:18).


Bro. John Rothacker