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A Woman's Dress

A Woman's Dress

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How important is a woman’s dress, one might ask? Well, after many years of contemplation and observation, I believe it is of utmost importance because how women dress influences and is the expression of the sexual morality of people; and, therefore, is such a most significant factor in determining the sexual behavior of the church, the salt of the earth, which is to influence the whole world.

Christians wonder why sexual impurity and pornography is so rampant in the church today. The answer is simple. The lack of scriptural teaching, exhortation, and example set before the church; and the toleration of the world’s standards, and the withholding and even denial of the truth of God as given so plainly and consistently throughout the Word of God!

Leaders must repent, and begin to obey and declare the truth and holiness of God, and that we are called to be holy as He is holy in all of our behavior, conduct, conversation, and manner of living because He has said, “Be ye holy for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:14-16).

I beseech you brothers and sisters, to present your bodies to God as a living sacrifice, and to read and understand what God has required of you, and expects all of His people to be (Romans 12:1-2).