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A Woman's Headcovering

A Woman's Headcovering

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The following teaching about a womanís headcovering is an exposition of a biblical custom practiced faithfully by all godly women from the beginnings of recorded history until our present generations. It was a part of a womanís regular dress in worship, and in biblical times a part of her regular daily attire as well. Now, within this last decade, we have been left in most of Christendom with but a last vestige, and that is when a bride is veiled during the marriage ceremony.

One problem in understanding this doctrine is the ambiguity of one or two verses in most translations, which this teaching hopes to clarify. Moreover, the rejection of this custom is a sign of the times, an indication that we are in the last days, the most lawless generation ever, before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I, myself, found the scripture in English very difficult and seemingly contradictory until I received the gift of apostleship in 1967. Then though the stewardship of this grace, there was given to me revelation by the Holy Spirit to be shared with His body, His bride, the church.

I have seen many women blessed with this practice and confirmed in their faith, not only by the scriptures, but by revelations from the Lord in dreams, visions, prophecies, and experiences that thrill the soul as only obedience in righteousness can do.

I submit this to you humbly, sincerely, and with my heart filled with love for one of Godís greatest gifts to man, a godly woman.

John P. Rothacker