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The following 3 Books, 2 Booklets, 2 Publications, and Audio Messages by John Rothacker
comprise our Apostolic Foundation Series. The audios messages are available to either listen to or download in
MP3s here, or on this page in a CD. Printed material or CD are available here for a free-will offering.


Audio Messages
Audio Messages Time Audio CD Copies Freewill Offering

Number of Copies


Tithes & Offerings 2 – ½ hr. MP3 Order CD with all 7 Messages.
The Church 6 – ½ hr. MP3
How to be Saved - The Bible Way! 2 – ½ hr. MP3
Five-Fold Ministry 6 – ½ hr. MP3
Do You Know the Lord? 2 – ½ hr. MP3
Foreign Missions 2 – ½ hr. MP3



Printed Material
Book List Pages Books, Booklets, Publications No. Books Offering
The Church 242 Book
The Public Ministry of Women 100 Book
A Woman's Dress 40 Booklet
A Woman's Headcovering 32 Booklet
Men & Women’s Headcovering Supplement 10 Publication
Holy Nutrition 310 Book
The Planter 8 Publication



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