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The Public Ministry of Women

The Public Ministry of Women

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The issue of Godís Divine Order is one of the most important doctrines that can be discussed, taught, and obeyed so that we, the church, can become His glorious bride, and everything God wants us to be. The proper role of men and women in the church must be understood, and the public ministry of women in and out of the assembly clearly explained. Since I was instructed of the Lord over 30 years ago to write this book, I have seen many ministries hindered, congregations held in bondage and immaturity, or divided and even destroyed, and lives ruined because of their holding to false teaching concerning the ministry and callings of women.

In recent years the moral and theological depravity in the sectarian, Babylonian Church is shocking but to be expected as Godís prophetic warnings are coming true. But Godís concern for His true church never ends, and He is moving to restore His Divine Order to His bride so that we can be and accomplish all of His intentions throughout the world today.

Satan is continuing his work of deception that he started with Adam and Eve, but as the church embraces the cross for themselves and grows up in love and in Him who is the head and casts Satanís evil spirits out, restoration will come, Christís work will be completed, and He will return.

I encourage you to read this book prayerfully, humbly, and with the desire to obey and pay the price for the truth as it really is in Christ Jesus our Lord.